SCAJ2018, the biggest specialty coffee event in Asia!

Exhibitor Applications
Thank you very much for your continued support of SCAJ.
Application is already closed. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.
Advantages of participating in SCAJ
Advantages 1
The exhibition's target is clear,
thus offering opportunities
for business expansion and product publicity.
Numerous professionals from the industry will be present in addition to the general public. Attendees have given highly positive feedback on the displays of new products, the information made available, and the various seminars held.
To the right: SCAJ2017 sections by industry
Advantages 2
Every year, satisfaction is
high among Exhibitors and visitors alike.
■About the exhibition
■Want to participate next year or in the next exhibition
Advantages 3
The number of exhibitors and visitors grows every year.
In 2018, the venue will be expanded, and we will work to attract even more Exhibitors and visitors.
■Exhibitors · Visitors Achievements
Become Exhibitor
Exhibitor applications
12:00 (noon) on March 16 (Fri) Click here to apply
* If you wish to apply via fax or e-mail, inquire with the SCAJ2018 Conference Office.
【Primary application due date】
【Secondary application due date】

【Early entry】by April 27 (Fri), 2018
【Final】by May 31 (Thu), 2018 
【About early application】
Only SCAJ members are eligible for special benefits for SCAJ members.
Click here for more information.
Payment due dates for exhibition booth fees
【Primary application due date】
【Secondary application due date】

【Early entry】 by May 15 (Tue)
【Final】 by June 15 (Fri)
If you wish to cancel after applying for participation, make sure to submit a request in writing.
Click here for more information.
Exhibitor orientation
July 3 (Tue) (14:00-16:00)
【Venue】 AP Tokyo,Yaesu Dori
■Detailed explanation of regulations ■Presentation of venue layout
■Booth position draw
An Exhibitor Manual containing in-depth information on exhibition-related regulations, applications and schedule, etc. will be distributed, and the preparations required before the event will be discussed.
Application documents due
for submission
By July 27 (Fri)
■Application for booth decorations, electricity, water and demonstrations
■Application documents will be discussed and distributed at the Exhibitor Orientation.
Please submit the documents indicated in the Exhibitor Manual.
Contact the SCAJ2018 Conference Office should you have any questions.
Sending various materials Early August to mid September
Invitation card · Exhibitor bag etc.
Issue shipping
【Invitations】Will be sent out to all exhibitors.
Please feel free to give them out to partner companies and new customers.
【Exhibitor badges】Will be sent out to all Exhibitors.
*Extra charges apply for any additional materials.
Booth installation dates September
24th (Mon) ・25th (Tue)
SCAJ2018 September 26th(Wed) ・27th (Thu)・28th (Fri)
The above schedule may change without previous notice. For more information, see the Exhibitor Manual.
Special benefits for SCAJ members. *Please make sure to read below.
From SCAJ2018 onward, exhibitor applications will be split into two stages:
a primary due date (early entry) and a secondary due date (final).
Special benefits will be granted to SCAJ members that apply early.
【Primary application due date(Early entry)】by April 27 (Fri), 2018
【Secondary application due date(Final)】 by May 31 (Thu), 2018
Only for SCAJ member companies.Companies who completed procedures for becoming members before applying to participate are covered too.
(Semi-standard Exhibitors are not eligible)
Apply here if to apply for SCAJ corporate membership.
In-depth information concerning the exhibition will be provided at the Exhibitor Orientation of July 3 (Tue).
Content of benefits
(extension of time)
(1)Early entry (2)Application for space equivalent to multiple booths (applications for space equivalent to four booths or more) Major Exhibitors (applications for space equivalent to eight (8) booths or more)
Option to early transport items
into the venue
(extension of time).
Privileges of booth space location drawing
(on the day of the Exhibitor Orientation)
Selection of booth position before the Exhibitor Orientation(*2)
Use of "Exhibition Period Vehicle Pass"
(for those who wish to use it)
Removal of booth height limit (*3)
(*1) Limited to SCAJ member that have applied for space equivalent to less than four (4) booths and have paid the participation fee by the appointed due date.
(*2) Lots drawn if more than one company apply for the same position.
(*3) The regular height limit of 4.0 m can be extended to 7.0 m without set-back.
* Please inquire separately if you wish to install a structure higher than 7.0 m.
Exhibition Booths
Basic booth(Standard booth・Semi-standard booth)
Exhibition fees include the following fees for the installation of a basic booth.
Standard booth (booth for general exhibitions)
Size: W3.0m×D3.0m×H2.7m per booth (space assigned: 9m²)
Contents General display booth (tasting allowed)
Spaces available 300 booth (appx)
Exhibition fees (tax-included)
・SCAJ members’ special price:
JPY 360,000/booth
・Non- members’ price:
JPY 410,000/booth
(A) Example of line of one to three booths
■2 side walls/1 back wall/white
■2 arm spotlights
■1 Exhibitor name plate (parapet signboard)
■Power outlets: 1 single-phase 100V-500W outlet
(B) Space with no separation panels;
 Example of block of 4 booths or more
The Exhibitor can freely design and use multiple sections (multiple 3m×3m spaces).
* Only the display space is provided, without any of the basic facilities included in basic booths.Please ask about surface area, specifications, requirements and other aspects.
■Please inquire about decoration regulations.
(2) Semi-standard booth
  (booths suitable for small-scale exhibitions)
Size: W3.0m×D2.0m×H2.7m per booth (space assigned: 6m²)
Contents Small-scale display booth (tasting allowed)
Spaces available 30 booths (appx)
Exhibition fees (tax-included) ・SCAJ members’ special price:
 JPY 216,000/booth
・Non- members’ price:
 JPY 270,000/booth
Basic booth specifications ■2 side walls (1 panel each)/1 back wall
■1 Exhibitor name board
(company name signboard on the back wall)
* Arm spotlights and power outlets not included.
 If required, please inquire separately to the Exhibition Secretariat.
* You can apply for space equivalent to up to two booths.
(3) Corner booth
Additional fees apply to corner booths, as shown below.
Contents Corner spaces for standard/semi-standard booths
Spaces available 20 to 30 booths (appx)
Exhibition fees (tax-included) Additional JPY 50,000 charge
for both standard and semi-standard booths
* No panels will be placed on the passageway side in corner booth installations.
Seminars and Presentations
* If you require interpreting, please inquire separately with the SCAJ2018 Conference Office (paid service).
(4) Producing country seminars
 (Priority given to producing countries/SCAJ memberss)
Spaces available 20 organizers (appx)
*Priority given to producing countries and SCAJ members.
Exhibition fees (tax-included) With exhibition: JPY 260,000/seminar
Without exhibition: JPY 310,000/seminar
■Venue: Conference Tower 101/102 or special venue in the hall
■Contents: presentation + tasting or cupping
■Duration: 90 minutes (once during the period)
■Basic facilities: microphone, speaker, projector, screen
(5) Company seminars
 (Priority given to SCAJ members)
Spaces available 5 organizers (appx)
* Lots drawn in the presence of a large number of applications.
Exhibition fees (tax-included) ・SCAJ members’ special price:
  JPY 260,000/seminar
・Non- members’ price:
 JPY 310,000/seminar
■Venue: room on the mezzanine level in the exhibition hall (theater format)
■Contents: coffee-related seminar
■Duration: 90 minutes (once during the period)
■Basic facilities: microphone, speaker, projector, screen
(6) Seminar or workshop
 (Producing countries/SCAJ members only)
Spaces available 5 organizers (appx)
* Lots drawn in the presence of a large number of applications.
Exhibition fees (tax-included)
・SCAJ members’ special price:
JPY 310,000/seminar or workshop
・Non- members’ price:
JPY 360,000/seminar or workshop
■Venue: Conference Tower 101/102 or special venue in the hall
■Contents: coffee-related seminar or workshop (tasting allowed)
■Duration: 90 minutes (once during the period)
■Basic facilities: microphone, speaker, projector, screen
(7) Stage presentation
 (Priority given to SCAJ members)
Spaces available 6 organizers (appx)
* Lots drawn in the presence of a large number of applications.
Exhibition fees (tax-included)
・SCAJ members’ special price:
JPY 310,000/presentation
・Non- members’ price:
JPY 360,000/presentation
■Venue: special venue in the hall(plans)
■Contents: coffee-related presentation
■Duration: 120 minutes (once during the period)
■Basic facilities: microphone, speaker, projector, screen
* Contents shown are subject to change. Please check.
SCAJ2018 Venue information
* Contents shown are subject to change. Please check.
About Exhibitor Applications
About Exhibitor Applications
Exhibitor requirements Must be a manufacturer (company or individual), trading company, information media outlet, organization or association, etc. that is involved in spreading and popularizing specialty coffee, or that handles products, services or publications, etc. that contribute to the development of the coffee industry in Japan and worldwide
Exhibition area The exhibition area is scheduled to be divided into five zones. (Plans)
(1)Official sponsor zone(Plans)
The zone where the official sponsors, associated media outlets and related associations of SCAJ2018 set up their displays
(2) Standard booth zone (3)Semi-standard booth zone
The zone where standard and semi-standard Exhibitors can set up their displays regardless of SCAJ membersship status
(4) Stage area(5)Organizer space zone
Zone used for competitions, corporate seminars, workshops and displays by parties related to the association
How to apply To apply, please fulfill in the required entries on the official website.
* Applications that the organizers do not deem to be in line with the purport of the exhibition may be rejected.(e.g. exhibitor applications by companies or associations that do not meet participation requirements).
Application due date ・Primary application due date (early entry): April 27 (Fri),2018
・Secondary application due date (final): May 31 (Thu), 2018
* Applications will close once all scheduled spaces have been assigned, regardless of the application due date.
* Early entrants will enjoy special benefits. For more information, see "Special benefits for early applicants" or "How to Become Exhibitor"
the participation fee
Once your participation application is confirmed, the SCAJ2018 Conference Office will send you an invoice; please pay the participation fee into the specified account. You must adhere to the remittance due date indicated on the invoice (bank fees are payable by the Exhibitors.)
Your application will officially be considered complete once payment is confirmed.
Due date for the payment of exhibition booth fees
・Payment due date for the primary application period: May 15 (Tue), 2018
・Payment due date for the secondary application period: June 15 (Fri), 2018
Changes and cancellation
■Changes to the number of exhibition spaces
Make sure to contact the SCAJ2018 Conference Office for changes. Please note that you will be charged a cancellation fee if you decrease the number of spaces.
■ Cancellations
If you wish to cancel after submitting your participation application, please submit a request in writing. Also note that you will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel after the following dates.
Due date
・June 15 (Fri) or before:Cancellation Penalty 50% of the participation fee
・June 16 (Sat) or later:100% of the participation fee
Expenses not included
in the participation fee
■Exhibitor's costs of interim decorating its own booth, transporting items into the venue and running the booth
■Expenses for electrical facilities other than the following, if required:Basic electrical facilities (2 arm spotlights, 1 single-phase 100V-500W power outlet)
* Arm spotlights and power outlets are not included into semi-standard booths.
■Expenses for plumbing facilities inside the booth, if required
 (Shared sinks and grinders will be installed in the exhibition venue).
■Labor costs for staff or interpreters inside the booth, if required
* If you wish to have a corner booth and are applying for space equivalent to less than Four
booths, please state this in your application. You will be charged the regular standard booth participation fee + an additional fee of JPY 50,000/booth. Lots will be drawn if a large number of applications are submitted.
Joint displays As a general rule, one brand (corporate entity) should be on display at each booth even for exhibitors with multiple booths; however, joint displays upon application by multiple corporations, associations or brands are also allowed provided that the requirements indicated below are met.
Also, in the case of joint displays, one managing company and its representative (the person who will serve as liaison) will be appointed, and payments of participation fees, as well as other payments required, will be made by the managing company.
■Joint display requirements
(1) Organizations that comprise multiple companies or associations
(2) Group companies, associated companies or brands, etc. linked by capital relationships
(3) Companies, associations or brands, etc. that are implementing or planning projects based on joint businesses or collaborations
* The SCAJ Conference Committee will make decisions and response to any exhibitor applications that are made by multiple companies but do not qualify as joint displays.
Number of spaces
applied for
Please take into account your company's place of presentation, stock, visitor queue area and tasting space when applying for booth space. PR in areas outside of the Exhibitor's space/in passageways, or use of the queue areas are not allowed. Please limit displays to the booth area.
Determining booth position The organizer decides booth position and venue layout upon taking into account official sponsors, number of booths, and display contents, among other factors. * Details will be discussed at the Exhibitor Orientation.
Special benefits for
early applicants
* For SCAJ members companies.
Exhibitors who apply by the primary application due date (early application) for space equivalent to Four(4) standard booths or less are eligible for special benefits when transporting items into the venue (Applications will be deemed complete upon payment confirmation). SCAJ members and Exhibitors who become members when applying to participate will likewise enjoy special benefits when transporting items into the venue (semi-standard Exhibitors are not eligible).
* Inquire with the SCAJ2018 Conference Office for more information.
About the Exhibitor Orientation Session The SCAJ2018 Conference Office will be holding a SCAJ2018 Exhibitor Orientation Session on July 3 (Tue), 2018. Subjects discussed will include regulations concerning the exhibition, Exhibitor rules, decoration regulations, application entries, and application methods.
The SCAJ2018 Exhibitor Manual will also be distributed on the day. * See "How to Become Exhibitor"
As a general rule, official sponsors and Exhibitors occupying space equivalent to Four(4) or more booths will be given priority rights to choose the position of their booths. The positions of other booths will be determined by drawing lots at the Exhibitor Orientation Session.
Each individual booth includes basic facilities; if you wish to change/add facilities, or to have other equipment available, apply to the SCAJ2018 Conference Office with the relevant application form in the Exhibitor Manual.
If you wish to hold a paid seminar, event or workshop, adjustments will need to be made in relation to venue availability, etc., so please make sure to discuss the matter in advance with the SCAJ2018 Conference Office.
In the event that holding the exhibition should be difficult due to a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances, the exhibition may be postponed or suspended at the organizer's discretion. Please note that participation fees and other associated payments are non-refundable.
Contact the SCAJ2018 Conference Office should you have any questions on other matters.
SCAJ2018 Conference Office
■Event & Convention House, Inc
Shuwa Okachimachi Bldg.8F, 4-27-5 Taito Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-0016 Japan
・TEL:+81-3-3831-2698 FAX:+81-3-5807-3019 
*Weekdays 10:00~18:00(JST)
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