SCAJ2018, the biggest specialty coffee event in Asia!

Sponsorship Opportunities
How to benefit from official SCAJ2018 sponsorship
Strengths of SCAJ2018
We expect a larger number of visitors
due to the venue’s area being 1.6 times larger than last year.
Brand publicity through a variety of media
You can expect your company's brand
to receive effective publicity online, via SNS,
on magazines and in many other media.
・Improved visibility for your company and products
・Sales promotion
・Better customer satisfaction
We hope you will join forces with us at SCAJ2018,
which is part of the Association's efforts to promote the growth of the specialty coffee industry.
Sponsorship Outline
Sponsorship fee
(tax included)
Special sponsor ¥10,000,000-
Platinum sponsor ¥5,000,000-
Gold sponsor ¥3,000,000-
Silver sponsor ¥1,000,000-
Bronze sponsor ¥750,000-
Hospitality sponsor ¥500,000-
Goods provider sponsor ¥250,000-
Goods sponsor  NEW!  ⓐStraps ¥1,000,000-
ⓑTote bags ¥1,000,000-
Wi-Fi sponsor  NEW!  ¥500,000-
Digital media partner  NEW!  ¥750,000-
Water supply  NEW!  ¥250,000-
Travel partner  NEW!  ¥1,000,000-
*Please inquire for more information on sponsor benefits ❽ to ⓬
*The above rates include the following sponsorship benefits.
Official sponsorship benefits
*5 We ask that companies prepare materials to hand out and other adverts.
*6 Logo · Logo・company or corporate profile (Introduction)
*7 Two full pages or a spread advertisement
Visual examples of sponsor benefits (from 2017)
Adverts published in
the official program※1
Competition venue
(event stage)※2
Booth fee
Your company's advert will be published in the official program to be handed out to exhibition visitors(we ask that you prepare your own adverts). Your company logo will be shown at two special event stages. Corporate Logo,
150-words corporate profile
and link on the SCAJ2017 website
Exhibition booths were provided free of charge at the SCAJ2017 venue
(Special Platinum Sponsors).
Inquiries about sponsors
SCAJ2018 Conference Office
■Event & Convention House, Inc
Shuwa Okachimachi Bldg.8F, 4-27-5 Taito Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-0016 Japan
・TEL:+81-3-3831-2698 FAX:+81-3-5807-3019 
*Weekdays 10:00~18:00(JST)