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Café de Colombia

Café de Colombia is the name given to 100% washed Arabica coffee grown in the coffee regions of Colombia. It is also the brand The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) created to promote their coffees both in the industry and among consumers as a high quality product. The FNC works as a non-profit organization and since 1927established itself as the largest rural NGO in the world that represents more than 540,000 Colombian coffee growing families.


Since 1933, UCC Group has been taking coffee seriously, inheriting successfully the founding spirit - “Deliver flavorful coffee to as many people as possible anytime and anywhere”. We have built the coffee business that encompasses every aspect of coffee from cultivation of coffee trees in the producer countries, procurement of materials, R&D, roasting & processing, sales, quality assurance, culture, to educations. We have always pursued new potentials for coffee that never existed before, such as the nation’s first vacuum-packed ground coffee, world’s first canned coffee, the world's only museum dedicated to coffee, and the educational institution dedicated to coffee --- the Coffee Academy. 
We will expand all coffee-related value chains on a global scale and continue our commitment to the deliciousness and enjoyment of the best coffee, and "Unleash the power of coffee for a better world" in each of our businesses. We will continue to take on the challenge of creating value through coffee for a better world.


TYPICA is an online platform connecting coffee producers and roasters around the world. Our platform has expanded access to direct trading, reducing the minimum trading unit from a container to a single jute bag. With operations in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Europe, we have around 3,000 registered roasters and plan to offer new crops from coffee producers in 32 countries this year. Our purpose is to improve the sustainability of delicious coffee. We are cultivating a new world of coffee with all the coffee lovers.

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We present "water purifier and water softener" business in a general water processing company. We have the high adoption results in the water purifier of the cup-style vending machine use and the juice dispenser use. Recently, we also have the adoption results from coffee machine manufactures and café managers in "the cafe industry". We choose the special water purifier which is most suitable for one cup of the each visitor.


As a company that makes "innovation for taste," we launched a fully automatic specialty coffee machine, "FURUMAI," in 2018. We realized that "the design of the burr creates the taste" during the development process and conducted further research.We released the innovative coffee grinder Kirimai in March 2022, which changed the industry's common sense, such as double grinders, chaff separation, and flat burrs with different flavor tendencies. We support the coffee competition by sponsoring JBrC2022 and JSC2022 as the grinder sponsor.


Established in 1921, HARIO is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The company started with the processing of physical and chemical products. Thanks to the characteristics of thermal glass and its glass processing technology, HARIO entered the household appliance field with the introduction of a vacuum coffee maker for commercial use in 1948. Although HARIO is a manufacturer of heat-resistant glass, the origins of the many coffee appliances that are sold today date back to 1948. The "V60 Dripper", a conical dripper released in 2005, is widely used by baristas worldwide, and the company offers coffee-related items along with the V60 Drip Kettle Buono, drip scales, and mills in more than 75 countries globally. As part of an event to mark HARIO's centennial, on the first day of the exposition, baristas from around the world will hold exhibition contests on stage using HARIO products. World champions associated with HARIO will be the judges, and on the second and third days, champions from around the world will conduct demonstrations at the HARIO booths. Please be sure to stop by the HARIO booths.

Commercial Office of Peru in Japan (Promperú)

Commercial Office of Peru in Japan is the representative office of Promperu (The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism) in Japan. Our main objective is to promote the export of Peruvian products into the Japanese market and tourism and investment to Peru. Peru is ranked #10 in producing coffee and #2 in exporting organic coffee in the world, which is the reason why coffee is one of the top products in the Peruvian exports. Benefitting from the numerous microclimates originating from the Andes Mountains, coffees with diverse sensory profiles are produced in Peru. We would like to share about these unique Peruvian specialty coffees with you at SCAJ.

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As the Specialty Coffee Importer , we, Wataru & Co., have supplied exquisite coffee to the Japanese market for many years. Since the start of the Specialty Coffee business, we have visited so many coffee producers whom dedicate their life to the coffee producing with strong passion, and have created good relationship with them. In this sense, we can safely say that Wataru is the bridge connecting such specialty coffee producers in the world and the coffee roasters and consumer in Japan. With the good communication and friendly relationship with those coffee producers for many years, we, Wataru have contributed to the growth of the farms and to the improvement of daily life of coffee farmers. We believe that our role will read to sustainable good quality coffee production. At the SCAJ 2022 Exhibition, we, Wataru show you our selected Specialty Coffee Beans, coffee seminars by Specialty coffee producers and our challenge to the SDG's.  In addition, as the Ditting distributor in Japan, we demonstrate our ditting coffee grinders. We welcome you to our booth. Please come and enjoy Wataru booth!

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Kyokuto Fadie Corporation

FADIE has provided fresh coffee beans to many customers in Northern Kyushu and Yamaguchi since its foundation 60 years ago(whole sale/retail sale).We have devotes ourselves to selecting product sourcing.For example,we win approximately 10 tons of COE coffee annually and source our coffee from conteact in 4 countries.Such beans are roasted by an experiences artisan with full use of his five senses.Only the beans roasted within two weeks are sold in our store.Today,we are pouring our passion into "From Seed to Cup".

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Cafe Goods Co., Ltd.

We are specializing in take-away packaging materials for cafes and coffee shops. The majority of the products we sell are disposable containers. This is precisely why we have an important motto of introducing our customers to products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Declaring the SDGs business in 2021, we have been proactively making proposals for environmentally friendly materials, reducing packaging materials used, and reducing waste. At this exhibition, we will present a number of environmentally friendly products and new products made from recycled paper cranes that were sent as offerings to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

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Everpure was born in the United States, one of the most advanced water purification countries in the world, and has been delivering the quality chosen by professionals in the food and beverage industry around the world for about 90years. Here are some of the water purifiers that have passed the NSF standard, the global standard for public health.

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Meiji Co., Ltd

From babies to the elderly,at every step,the Meiji Group
has been right there,giving people a reason to smile.Now we're gearing up to create even more smiles,
with something everyone can feel good about ー a focus
on wellnes.After all,people who feel well,
with healthy hearts and bodies,have a lot to smile about.
And smiling spreads like a wave of positive energy,
as people envision a brighter future on a healthy planet.
We think you'll see that sharing healthy ideas is
something we can all do quite naturally.Starting today,the Meiji Group will be sharing even more
good ideas about wellness-ideas that are likely to
spread to everyone who wants to feel better.

Takanashi Milk Products Sales Co.,Ltd

Takanashi's product creation begins with the creation of an environment in which nature’s blessings can be put to best use. We have a passion for carefully cultivating products from natural materials that are the gift of nature’s abundance. Takanashi’s unique, high-quality deliciousness is born from this passion. With our commitment to materials, thorough quality control, and our unique sales system, we are able to deliver products to our customers in a speedy fashion. Our pursuit of consistently good flavor, which covers everything from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and sales, has cultivated the deep trust of our customers.